Monday, February 7, 2011

A Bit Stressed Out

It's the eve of Sami's Remicade/MRI day. It's been a busy past few days making sure that everything is going to run smoothly tomorrow. I spent just about all day on the phone on Friday, I had a few problem's with Daniel's medication I had to get straightened out and then the rest of it was spent on Sami. It was after talking to the nurse in Radiology that everything sunk in about Sami. Between her Juvenile Arthritis and her discoid meniscus and her trying to be a "normal" 6yr old there is so much to actually take in. But it was what the nurse said to me, that made it all really sink in, he made a comment about having to run extra labs before they could put her under because of her being on Remicade and a chemo senescent (metho). I almost wanted to start crying after he said those words to me, I've always known the medications she's been on and I've done all the research on them but hearing that was so scary. 

But today, was my favorite. Sami has gone to ACH for all of her infusions and I made her MRI appointment in person and talked to three different people on Friday about her MRI and I talked to the infusion center this afternoon to also make sure everything was ok and I didn't have to do anything different for them. I thought everything was all set and then I get a call from someone in Scheduling and she said you wanted a phone call if we could move your child up and we can so we've moved her to 11am, umm, seriously. I didn't ask for her to be moved if there was a cancellation, she'll be getting her infusion at that time and unless she can get both at one time please keep her at the time I set. So I got her moved back to her scheduled appt time and was about to start breathing easy and my nervous set in. I've got to not let my baby eat tomorrow and I know she's going to be so hungry, she also has to get her Remicade which she usually has reactions too and then also she has to be sedated for her MRI in which I already know that she has problems waking up from anesthesia, so I've become rather nervous. I know my baby will be ok and tomorrow is just a few more steps in getting her better.

I hope you all have a wonderful night and your children are doing great.


  1. Lana, you are such a wonderful Mother/Person. Our hearts, prayers and good thoughts are out there and will soon be delivered to give you all the strength needed to make it thru this day triumphantly. You have done all that you can do to make sure things go precisely as they should for Sami's best interest. All thats left is to take deep breathes and rely on our Creator. You are not alone. Hugs and smiles to you, Sami, Daniel and Matt:)

  2. I'm thinking about you all! I'm sure that everything will be just fine and you'll be home in no time! I know how terrifying it is, though :( The last time Emily was put under I was actually more afraid of her having a heart attack seeing the needle than anything else. (This was early 2008) They are such pros at ACH. They'll take great care of her... Prayers for you all.

  3. I’m sorry…I know how tough this can be…I’ve had a few breakdowns about it myself…I hope all goes well today, keep us posted