Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Best Day of My Life

My family owns a motorcycle dealership and I've been riding since I was 3. I taught my son how to ride when he was 5 and my husband has also been riding since he was little. Because of Chicken's JA we have never taught her how to ride because of the fear of her hurting a joint anymore than more than they already are.

With the kids out on Summer Break they are spending lots of time with me at work. My uncle is "retired" but is at the shop everyday, he asked if he could take Daniel out to the field so he could ride. I said yes, because the poor kid already has to spend the summer with me at work so why not have some fun. Sami asked if she could go out too so I let her. My uncle called up to my desk and asked if it was ok if he let Sami ride his grandson's 4-wheel. I told him we've never taught her how to shift or anything so she couldn't. He said it was ok and he'd teach her. I don't think he totally understands how thick headed she is, lol. After about 10 minutes or so I went down stairs and looked out the window to she her riding.

Ok, I may be a crazy mom, but I'm crying right now. It's simply because it was something I never thought I'd see. My baby learned how to ride, it isn't 2 wheels, but it is a huge start. She knows how to shift and everything. I'm just so proud of her. And a HUGE Thank You to my amazing uncle for teaching her.

Sami riding for the first time with my uncle running next to her :-)

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