Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vacation Check List

Over the past few years I have noticed that getting ready and scheduling our vacations have become so different.

This is our 3rd summer traveling with a child with serve allergies and a child with arthritis. So when we look at the calender to pick out vacation dates the first thing we now look at when is Daniel due for his next allergy shots and Sami due for her infusion. Then its on to look at who has doctor's appts and can they be easily moved. Ok, I think we can finally pick a date.

Now how are we going to get to where we are going. My husband would rather fly any were we go so we can get there quicker but as we have found with Sami the cabin pressure in a plane kills Sami's knees. So driving it is, lol. We could fly but then we know a day of our vacation is shot because it totally wipes Sami out and her knees hurt so bad. With driving she does so much better, we can stop whenever she starts to feel stiff and then we're back on our way.

Once we get to our destination we have to watch what the local foods are because for Daniel's allergies. We carry an Epipen at all times but if we don't have to use it I don't want to ever have to use it. Daniel being the older he is very aware of what he should and shouldn't eat, so that helps.

This year's trip will be a bit different though. As I write I am sitting in the All Children's Infusion Clinic with Sami while she gets her Remicade so she should be all good for our trip. But here is were the wrench has been thrown in on us this year. Daniel seems to be developing a new food allergies because his throat closed after eating a sub so after Sami's infusion we will be heading over to his allergist to have his allergies retested. But Sami also seems to be having more problems with her eyes. I took her to the doctor yesterday but she has to go back the day we are to leave for our trip to get her eyes looked at again.

So as you can see planning for our trips have become a bit different. Packing for the trip is a bit different now as well. This is the first year that the first thing that will be packed is Sami's wheelchair. Daddy has always just carried her but she's getting to heavy so now the wheelchair is first on the list along with all of their meds.

Hope everyone has a fun and safe summer!!!!

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